What else can now the Notary do for you?

Since 23rd July 2015, the Notary has new attributions concerning Voluntary Jurisdiction that can make easier the resolution of the citizen’s problems. Since that date, you will be able to, among other faculties, and with full effects, even on Court:

Jurisdicción Voluntaria - Notaria Llopis
  • Require an heir who does not manifest on whether to accept the inheritance or not, in order to start unlocking the inheritance partition to an heir who does not know anything. Click here for more information (in Spanish)
  • Name executor of the inheritance. If the heirs don’t agree to the inheritance partition, those who represent most part of them can ask the Notary to appoint a person to do it with full effects. Click here and also here for more information (in Spanish).
  • Approve the partition in some situations. For example, the Notary, in the previous case, could approve the partition made by the executor. Click here for more information (in Spanish)
  • Forming inventory of the inheritance in order to deliberate before you accept or reject it, and so limit the responsibility for debts of the deceased. The Notary will guide you through the process to make sure that you won’t respond, if you  do not want, for the debts of the deceased. More detailed information about the procedure here and here.
  • Inform you of the debts, of whatever nature, that the deceased had.
  • Make executive payment requirements between companies and between individuals. The Notary may request payment to any person who has a debt with you and give an enforceable title. Click here for more information (in Spanish)
  • Making notarial auctions (since October 2015)

Tell your problem to your Notary, and you will receive information whether it exists any procedure that fits your needs or not, and he will also tell you to which Notary or Notaries can you apply.